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About The Band

Mistful are a five-piece band from Athens, Greece, and they have been known for their distinctive music style combining elements of 80's hard rock and contemporary rock/metal music genres. The band's history streches back to 2011 when they were originally formed in Athens by Eva Fourlanou (lead vocals: 2011-2017), Michael Flourakis, Johnnie Kontos, Michael Aggelopoulos and Chris Tastsidis. In 2017, Elena Lawarea joined the band as the new lead singer.  

To date, the band has released one EP (2013) and two studio albums: 

their debut studio album "Who leads the way" was released in 2016, receiving positive reviews by fans, webzines and magazines in Greece and abroad, followed by three video clips "Rise against your heart, "Why" and "Love's the reason". 

Mistful will drop "The Hive" in December 2019  their second studio album, in which the group's primary music influences are combined with heavy sounds and power vocals enhancing the album's concept which arose from concerns about life, inner thoughts, and reflections on the past.

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